Unitized Packaging

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Unitized packaging secures loads to the pallet with stretch wrap. Using this method of security for loads will provide many advantages to your business and customers, including easier logistics management, lowered expenses, and substantial improvements to the safety of both your personnel and your product. 

If you’re curious about the benefits of unitization and how to use unitization in your shipping, transportation and logistics management, Cousins Packaging can talk you through the process and advise you on the right machinery needed to properly wrap your pallets and inventory.

The Advantages of Unitization

Unitization is all about protecting the product and ensuring safe transport, but it also provides numerous other benefits: 

  • Reduces handling costs: When a load increases in size, weight and quantity, the cost per unit goes down. Deciding to unitize your packaging allows you to send larger loads with safety and security. 
  • Increases labor savings: Unitized packaging keeps individual boxes held together, allowing fewer hands to move the freight while pallet-jacks and forklifts handle the load safely and quickly.
  • Increases transport savings: Unitized packaging is easier to transport into carrier vehicles, reducing the time spent at loading docks and maximizing shipping productivity.
  • Maximizes security: Wrapping the pallet will decrease the likelihood of theft because unitized packages are easier to track and control. Additionally, it makes theft much more noticeable since the wrap must be cut to access the product.
  • Reduces the chance of damage: Securing the load onto a pallet with stretch wrap lessens damage while in transit. 
  • Protects the load: Stretch wrap will protect boxes and other items on pallets from the elements, dirt and accidental contact.
  • Savings on materials: In most cases, stretch wrap costs less than other packaging materials because it stretches to hold the load together, meaning you need less film overall.
  • Holds up: Stretch wrap is flexible and withstands any length of time compared to other adhesive materials.
  • Easy to remove: The wrap only clings to itself, making removal clean and simple.
  • High visibility: Crystal clear stretch wrap provides easy scanning of UPCs, with labels and lot codes protected securely underneath.
  • Eco-friendly: Stretch wrap is recyclable.

Unitizing your packaging provides significant cost savings up front, and the automation options for load unitization make it an excellent way to increase productivity. Additionally, the extra security for the items you are shipping reduces the likelihood of product damage in transit, resulting in higher profits to your business and the confidence of knowing your shipment is much more likely to reach its final destination safely.

What Happens if You Don’t Use Unitized Packaging?

The wrapping machines needed to unitize packaging do represent a significant investment. However, years of research in logistics management have indicated that the benefits of load unitization make that investment well worth the initial cost. Continuing to use traditional shipping methods may expose your products to a number of issues:

  • Unsecured loads: Loose boxes are more likely to be damaged by pallet-jacks and forklifts and during transit since they’re not secured in place.
  • Increased risk of theft: Unwrapped individual packages are much harder to track, and the likelihood of missing inventory being noticed is lower since the boxes are left loose.
  • Increased chance of damages: Handlers have an increased chance of losing their grasp on single items while transferring them to a truck or warehouse.
  • Limited environmental protection: Without a protective plastic layer, items and packaging may be subject to moisture, dirt and damage.
  • Increased expenses: Since shipping loose boxes requires more handling time, it is often more expensive than shipping one large, palletized load.

Between the increased expense of handling many loose items and the money that must be recouped when items are lost to theft or damage, deciding not to unitize packaging may force you to pass additional costs on to your customers. 

When you’re looking to maximize profit, you want to do everything as cost-effectively as possible. Unitized packaging will help you accomplish this goal while also benefiting your customers and simplifying your logistics management.

Capture the Benefits of Unitization for Your Business

Get more productivity in your shipping with unitized packaging. Using a pallet wrapping machine to secure your load will increase savings, decrease the likelihood of theft and product damage, and significantly improve the productivity of your warehouse. 

Interested in finding more information about how to unitize packaging? Cousins Packaging offers the best semi-automatic and automatic pallet wrappers in the industry. Our stretch wrapper machines are all manufactured and assembled in North America, and we can even create custom designs to fit your business. Take a look at our various stretch wrapper machines and fill out our contact form to learn how you can start saving with unitized packaging today.

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