It has been a couple of months now since we launched our new Cousins Packaging web page and we would like to solicit your opinions and get input about the new site.  Our new website is faster and more responsive while still providing the large amount of data and information we know you need on a daily basis.  We are also working diligently on updating our content and will continue to improve this essential communication and marketing tool.

Best regards,


The Cousins team


- A new feature is BRANDOX.COM found only in the distributor login. This new format is where you will find the current Proposals and Quote Forms.  

- The DISTRIBUTOR LOGIN is password protected but your current password is no longer valid. If you think you have an account, please try to reset your password. If you are new, please send your account request to adam@cousinspackaging.com to be added. Please allow up to 24 hours for the account to be activated.

- Simple navigation to access all of the information regarding all Cousins models including specifications, footprint, video, etc. 

- A FAQ page that answers the important questions for the customer to continue investigating how to communicate with us and our distributors. 

- A RESOURCES page that provides surveys, option descriptions, calculators, comparisons, and the HELPFUL INFORMATION section with information on topics such as detailed descriptions of the most popular options, answers to questions regarding the popular A-Arm model capabilities, and best recommendations for various wrapping applications. 

Cousins Packaging is dedicated to providing our customers through our distributors with all the information they need to make an informed buying decision regarding the best machine for their application at the best value, and provide you with the sales tools to help secure the order. We welcome any opinions on the new website and suggestions for improvements.