Turntable Semi-Automatic



Features of our wrapping machines include:

High production: Some of our turntables can wrap up to 35 loads an hour, based on settings for load size and the number of wraps.

Maximum load capacity: Our machines can accommodate pallets that weigh up to 4,500 pounds, which is much higher than other wrappers in the industry. Film threading: Our special film threading device puts the sticky side of the film on the rollers and inside the load for security.

Electronic controls: From the LCD screen, the operator can power up the machine, set the wrap cycles, change the film carriage, tension and more. With Auto Wrap Cycle Start, it takes only the push of a button to start the wrapping process.

Sturdy steel construction: Our wrappers are made from steel that has an electro-static powder-coating paint finish. At the base, there are notches at the front and rear for a forklift to lift and move the structure.