January 02, 2022 3 min read

Once your business has successfully designed, engineered, prototyped and manufactured a product, now comes the final step — packaging. When it comes to packaging pallets, you’re doubtless always on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality. Automatic stretch wrappers could be your solution. They provide the ultimate streamlined process to keep your pallet damage-free — all while cutting down on cost and time.

Considering incorporating an electric wrapper into your business production line? Read on to learn five undeniable benefits of stretch wrapper machines.

What Is an Automatic Stretch Wrapper?

An automated stretch wrapper is a machine that uses the stretch film to wrap a pallet load, as directed by set parameters. Once the wrapping cycle is complete, the machine neatly cuts the stretch film and secures the tail to the load. This independent process means automatic wrappers can handle almost every stage of the wrapping application on its own. 

This process limits the amount of time operators must spend on the forklift, increasing both safety and efficiency. Beyond this major benefit, we’ll explore several top advantages of stretch wrappers below.

1. Save Time and Energy

An investment in a wrapping machine can save your business a significant amount of time. Time spent wrapping pallets or boxes by hand can add up, particularly if your operation has constant packaging needs. An automated stretch wrapper will allow your employees to put their saved time and energy toward improving other business processes or completing a higher number of tasks.

2. Streamline Consistency

Your packaging is likely the first glimpse that retailers and customers observe from your brand. A stretch wrapping system ensures that your bulk packaging is consistent and high-quality. While manual wrapping may vary, automatic stretch wrappers package each pallet in the exact same way. This will result in better protection and a streamlined look for every product.

3. Protect Your Products

Between dust, moisture and dirt, there are many environmental elements that can damage your products on the road. Securely wrapping your pallets with stretch film will provide a layer of protection without hindering your product visibility.

4. Lower Costs

An automatic machine may be an upfront investment, but one of the greatest long-term advantages of electric wrappers is cost savings. Automatic stretch wrappers use a two-film thread roller system, where the second roller operates on a higher speed than the first to stretch the film. Not only does this increase the film’s tensile strength, but it also reduces the overall costs of your film.

An automatic machine is also far less likely to make a mistake than a manual process, reducing your risk of having to redo any work.

5. Boost Productivity

Last but certainly not least, automatic stretch wrappers equip your company to accomplish more projects in less time. Operators simply place the pallet on a conveyor to start or stop the wrapping process automatically. In the meantime, your employees can be hard at work completing other tasks.

Why Buy Stretch Wrappers From Cousins Packaging?

Cousins Packaging is a full-line manufacturer of pallet stretch wrappers, including both fully automatic and semi-automatic machines. Each of our machines follows a time-tested design and comes with a strong machine warranty, so you can be sure you’re getting a long-lasting solution. Our leading stretch packaging equipment is used across a variety of industries, including the food and beverage, automotive and pharmaceutical fields.

Our clients can always count on Cousins Packaging wrappers for advanced production speed and impressive load capacity, so that you can upscale your packaging productivity. Browse our resources to learn more about our selection of both automatic and semi-automatic wrappers.

Begin Incorporating Pallet Wrappers Into Your Business Production Line Today

With the benefits of stretch wrappers in mind, are you ready to incorporate these machines into your warehouse? Watch your productivity soar while your employees stay safe and save time. Cousins Packaging offers fully automatic pallet wrappers in both turntable and rotary arm styles. In addition, we also provide semi-automatic stretch wrappers able to handle medium and high loads at a variety of speeds.

Browse our full list of automatic and semi-automatic wrappers, as well as the affordable Pilot Stretch Wrapper, to find the right fit for your business.

Have any questions about Cousins Packaging services or products? Feel free to contact us today to learn more!