January 02, 2022 2 min read

If you have been wondering when the right time to purchase a stretch wrapper is, the answer is now. New technology makes these machines increasingly efficient, and continual updates in the stretch wrapping industry have made old machines outdated. Whether you’re buying your first stretch wrap machine or replacing an old one, you’ll improve your production speed and stay ahead of your competition when you make this investment. If you are in the beer, food or beverage industry and you’re looking to speed up your process, read our guide to learn what kind of stretch wrappers to buy and how they can help you.

How to Budget for Your Stretch Wrapper

Buying a stretch wrapper machine represents a large investment. You’ll need to budget to make the purchase. You can plan a few months in advance to be ready, and in time, the machine will pay for itself. How? Stretch wrappers offer fantastic production return on investment. You’ll get faster in your operations and maintain your competitive edge in your industry. Stretch wrapper usage is on the rise because companies need dynamic solutions that speed up their production. For instance, we’ve seen a greater need in the beer industry for stretch wrappers. The Automatic Rotary Arm wrapper provides many benefits that make it convenient and easy to use, including the following:
  • A secure wrapping process to stabilize loads immediately
  • A high maximum load weight of up to 4,000 when you buy from Cousins Packaging
  • Automatically convey product through the wrapping process
The security of the package wrapping from stretch wrappers makes these machines well worth the investment. You’ll get the professional appearance that makes your product more desirable to buyers when you choose the clean, consistent wrapping of these machines. The better your outgoing items look, the more attached your customers will get to your brand and products. You’ll also enjoy the increase in value that comes from a more effective packaging process. Saving time and money on efficiency will allow you to invest those savings back into your business over the long term. You’ll get better products, have more time to consider your business practices and implement better marketing campaigns. You can expect to see many improvements that go beyond the immediate value of better packaging when you buy a stretch wrapper to use in the beer industry or other industries.

Should I Buy a Stretch Wrapper?

If you want to improve your business’s efficiency and the appearance of your product, the answer is yes. Our team can suggest the best stretch wrapper machines to deliver optimal load containment so that the load stays on the pallet. Check out our resources for more information. You can get your stretch wrapper from a local Cousins Packaging distributor. We are a full-line manufacturer of stretch wrappers, including the best pallet wrappers manufactured and assembled in North America. Our machines include time-tested designs and are backed by a strong warranty. They offer advanced, rapid production and load capacity. Browse our pallet offerings, including semi and fully automatic options such as our rotary arm and turntable products. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our stretch wrappers and how they can boost your business’s efficiency, products and reputation.